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A family owned and operated company

Middlekoop Processing Plant

Middlekoop Processing Plant

Middlekoop seed is a family owned and operated company. When you pick up the phone or come through the door you’re going to find someone with the customer in mind.  Not someone who answers to shareholders or just sees you as an account number hundreds of miles away. We enjoy our relationship with you as much as your business.

We hold licensing agreements with nearly every parent seed supplier in the industry.   This allows us to use the best genetic pool possible for your area. We don’t need to grow a hybrid that works in the entire Corn Belt. We are interested in what will work for your operation.

Seed Corn

Packaged Seed Cork

Seeing is believing, we test our hybrids many times before deciding to produce it. If it’s not good enough for our fields why would we sell it to you? Once we produce a hybrid it is in our hands 100% of the way. We handle every step of producing seed corn. This gives us an edge as we know we are producing the best product available.

From start to finish, our fields to yours, we want to be a part of your operation.

Good as the best better than most